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Sunday, June 25, 2023

Ekayain Offers IT Digital Courses in Kolkata

Ekayain Futuristic Training Institute is Established Recently At Kolkata With A Mission To Offer Affordable High End Futuristic IT Digital Courses Alongside Several Courses On Banking For Our Present And Future Generations Of Students Who Want To Be Ready For Present Day Job Market.

Monday, January 23, 2023


The sofa is one of the most important pieces of living or hall room furnitureDeciding on a sofa necessitates a thorough examination of the living space, design, decor, style, layout, and other factors. To make your living room look classy for several years, one needs to invest in it, as Sofa is a piece of furniture in the living room where read, eat and drink, relax, watch Televisionwork on a laptop, and even sleep.

You can buy the best Hong Kong modern sofas at DSL Furniture. They are one of the best Hong Kong-based online furniture retailers.

 So here are some good points on how to choose a sofa that will make your living look classy.


For a huge living room, you'll need to decide how much space you want your sofa to take up. If you want, you can add more chairs or couches maybe even a coffee table.


Analyzing your lifestyle is the first step in successfully organizing your living space and picking the right sofa.


It may be tough to define your very own personal style, so trust your instincts whilst choosing the kind of sofa on the way to suit obviously in your property. 

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Biswas Dental Clinic - Kankinara Bhatpara

 Now Biswas Dental Clinic Opened at Kankinara Near HP Gas office BL No.3

Call Dr. Ananda Biswas 9610066866 for more details.20 EGP Road. 1 min walk distance from Bhatpara more and Kankinara Bazar

Facebook Page of Biswas Dental Surgeon -

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Pay Less Alternative – Serviced Apartments City of London

Paying for multiple hotel rooms for your staff is not just financially dubious – you’re missing a trick to get everyone thinking and working like a team too. With serviced apartments City of London packages, you can give your employees a more nurturing environment, a homely environment that fosters genuine relaxation and makes it easy for them to interact with each other during the whole period of their stay.

We’ve noticed that companies who book serviced apartments City of London packages report more productivity and generally better results from their time in the capital. When you think about the unfamiliar environment of a hotel it’s easy to see why.

In a hotel, guests are – at one point or another during each day – confined to their room. Doesn’t really matter how comfortable or luxurious that room is, when you shut the door and turn the TV on you can’t escape the fact that you’re in a transient environment a long way from the familiarity of your home surroundings. And that makes it harder to relax properly.

At the end of a long day in meetings or at a conference, your employees need time to unwind. They also benefit from time to dissect the day’s work in an informal setting, where less pressure is felt to keep up the professional front. It’s in these situations, which are epitomised by the use of serviced apartments City of London, that strategies are formed and stronger relationships are built.

Don’t forget, either, that hotel rooms in the City of London aren’t cheap – while serviced apartments City of London options often offer a lot more luxury for the same price or less. Why pay for three separate hotel rooms when you can put your conference attendees up in a single spacious apartment, where they have the freedom to cook for themselves and relax properly rather than having to reconvene in the formal setting of a hotel dining room.

Modern businesses know the value of a good work-life balance. When you put your employees up in a City of London hotel that balance vanishes for a few days – which is why towards the end of mostconferences everyone is edgy and very much non-relaxed. Serviced apartments City of London packages ensure the pressure is relieved in the evenings, making for more productive and cost effective days at the table.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bora Bora Vacation- A Rejuvenating Discovery of Nature

Bora Bora and Tahiti islands has officially been declared the most enchanting and unique places around the globe. Nothing can virtually beat the breath-taking beauty of the two romantic islands. Planning a Bora Bora vacation and Tahiti honeymoon with loved ones can be relaxing and rejuvenating. The French Polynesia islands with warm waters, moderate climate and dramatic beauty is surprisingly a priced-package. Enclosed by strings of white pearls, vacation at either of these islands can turn out to be magical and lend an out-of-the-world experience.

Vacationers and honeymooners can either choose Bora Bora or Tahiti or reap the benefits of discounted packages by professional tourism companies. On planning a Bora Bora vacation, do not miss on discovering the real scenic beauty of the island. A tour of the island by helicopter is an exceptionally exotic experience, while you can also discover its authentic beauty by catamarans or boats. Host of exciting activities like swimming, snorkeling, sailing, scuba diving and beach balling are undoubtedly the never to be missed experiences on the island. Take a thrilling experience of feeding the sharks at Lagoonarium on the island which draws you one step closer to its natural scenic beauty. Most of the visitors to this island love the sunshine, bungalows and indoor facilities accessible on the island.

Once you land up on the island, there is no dearth of luxurious hotels you can jot into. If you want to make your Bora Bora vacation a lifetime experience, do not act miserly and delve yourself into each bit of fun enveloped around the island. There are number of luxurious hotels such as InterContinental Thalasso Spa, Le Meridian Bora Bora, Sofitel Bora Bora Motu Private Island, etc. However, when talking about the Tahiti Island, the experience can be no less rejuvenating. A Tahiti honeymoon can be equally charming and exotic, where a romantic couple can spend flock of magical hours together. Tahiti offers a soothing and melancholy touch with its pristine beaches, tranquil lagoons, coral reefs, etc. A couple can suitably plan a honeymoon trip to Tahiti and indulge in carefree activities. Sneak peak into the elegant and luxurious exhibition of the island’s splendid beauty. Honeymoon on this island is perfectly embellished with colorful fishes, sharks, dolphins and corals. One cannot afford to miss upon snorkeling into deep crystal clear water and enjoy scubadiving. Moreover, the swimming pools at the luxury resorts offers a outwardly experience to the couples, who can swim with dolphins around, most profoundly found in Bora Bora Lagoon Resort and Le Meridien Bora Bora.

A Tahiti Honeymoon and vacation to Bora Bora Island can be a mystical adventure and discovery of natural beauty. So, whether you are looking for a romantic trip or a thrilling adventurous trip, the two islands paves way to an immune experience. However, you can opt for a professional package which ensures an exquisite trip featured with complete arrival and departure package. Experience the rejuvenating naturalistic beauty of Bora Bora and Tahiti, while enriching yourself of a lifetime experience. Rest assured there is lots to be discovered once you get to the mystical islands.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Consuming drugs and alcohol is bad habit

World is full of enjoyment and its give you a challenge to get good living, but if you hard to take control of yourself this can harm you, Drug and Alcohol is several thing that cause your body damage, it’s very dangerous and many people use drugs and pass away because they had over-dose, and one of our responsibility to take them and people around us whom addicted get rehabs. You can protect your life with Drug Rehab Centers so you or peoples can get a chance for good living.

Consuming drugs and alcohol is bad habit that must be stop, and we have to enjoy life without the influence of addiction drugs and alcohol. You can follow the rehabs in Drug Rehab Centers. this place will help people to get out of a horrible addiction. The rehabs services with medically qualified will give your health back to normal without drugs and alcohol addiction.

Know more about the ca insurance quote here and enjoy it.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Apex court clears company law tribunal

Now that the Supreme Court has finally approved formation of the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT), the government must quickly constitute the body to deal with corporate insolvency and other corporate law matters.

Modern economies must allow companies to restructure swiftly, close down businesses that no longer make commercial sense, sell assets or parts of the business if the situation so demands.

Speedy redeployment in production of assets — land, physical and human capital — locked up in unviable units is essential for an economy's efficiency. Unfortunately, restructuring companies has been difficult and winding up operations near impossible, given the slow pace of judicial decision-making and societal aversion to closure of any enterprise. Managements would be reviled for selling off assets.

What resulted was sub-optimal employment of various factors of production, with limited mobility for factors from less productive to more productive activities. In many instances, plant and machinery have rusted into junk, while the company awaited rehabilitation by the Board for Industrial and Financial Reconstruction (BIFR). These have had a real negative blow towards the economy and employment of the country.

Also, capital worth thousands of crore rupees would be locked up in these companies, burdening banks and creditors.

In that sense, the Supreme Court's decision to uphold the constitution of the tribunal as envisaged by the 2002 Companies Amendment Act, although much delayed, is welcome.

The verdict raises hope that the tribunal once created, would speed up the process for restructuring or winding up companies, for mergers and acquisitions as well as for addressing shareholder grievances, and that cases would be decided in a time-bound manner.

The NCLT is envisaged to be a companies' court subsuming the functions of the Company Law Board, and the BIFR, and the high court's mandate to approve M&A and liquidation of companies.

The quality of justice dispensed by the new tribunal will ultimately depend on the quality of its members and technical staff. The government would need to appoint the right people, and with dispatch.

This piece have been taken from the net. I was not aware of this news until I met my friend who was talking to me about one of the law firms in India - Jus Novum. While talking about law he came up with this news. I scrambled across the web and found the news, that I thought worth of posting in my blog. This legal firm is also a renowned LPO in India.

They have made a great leap as one of the professional commercial law firms in India.